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Advantages of working with Aeros

Beneficial cooperation

Working with us brings you a lot of advantages! Working with us, you get top-class service at a reasonable price.

Quality and technology

We put together everything that a traveler might need - top-quality service, technology, and reports all in one place.


We guarantee the highest level of service due to the efficient workflows within our company and our partnership with the world’s top DMC.

More than 25 years of

Over the 25 years of operating on the travel market, we have accumulated an enormous experience of work in all the regions of the world, including our unique knowhow of organizing tours to hotspots.

Our clients

Purchase departments
Purchase departments
Aeros realizes that the main task of any purchase department is selecting the right supplier with the best price/quality/reliability ratio.
  • Best prices
  • Best quality
  • High reliability
  • Trilateral agreements
Travel coordinators
Travel coordinators
For those, whose main job is about ordering services from an agency on a daily basis, Aeros has developed convenient working schedules.
  • Convenient working conditions
  • Best quality
  • High reliability
  • Full support
Business travelers
Business travelers
The direct consumers, i.e. those who themselves fly, stay in hotels, and use transfer services, get a full support from Aeros in order to provide them with the ultimate comfort.
  • Twenty-four hour support
  • Best quality
  • High reliability
  • Air Miles Credit Cards

Travel Management



In accordance with an agreed service plan, a client is provided with a row of statistical reports that show: financial performance, number and type of services provided, main service suppliers, main destinations, reasons for choosing other than the least expensive solutions, and so on.
Cost analysis

Cost analysis

Besides the standard reports that reflect regular information Aeros clients receive professional advice on possible actions aimed at costs optimisation.
Working with suppliers

Working with suppliers

One of the key requirements a client sets for a business travel agency is the price/quality ratio, i.e. achieving the optimum balance between the minimum prices and the maximum quality of services. Aeros knows how to achieve that. It is possible thanks to our long-term experience, professionalism of our experts, numerous contracts that we negotiated, considerable volume of our purchases and our constantly updated databases. We permanently monitor the best and special offers, and we regularly check the quality proclaimed by service providers.
Upon getting a travel request from our client, we suggest several options that all feature optimum price/quality balance, highest comfort and other parameters.
Our internal client profiles system allows automatically track and apply priority and mileage cards.


To our clients

If you organize any event, this means that it is your project, and this is something that the satisfaction of your clients and you colleagues, and, ultimately, your career, depends upon. We are your hands, your feet, and your head. And, as a smart head, we realize our responsibility, and we are ready to bear it.

Who are we?

We are people who are in love with organizing events and in love with our clients.

We are a team of professionals with a formidable experience in the industry supported by the power of the organization with a twenty-year history and expertise in business travel.

What we can do

We know how to achieve our task in the most efficient way because we took part in organizing hundreds of events, and because we are familiar with the foreign best practices and market situation.

We understand the needs of our clients because we personally took part in monitoring events, went through coaching sessions on the clients’ workflows, and because we simply know how to listen.


For over 20 years, the company Aeros has accumulated vast experience in ensuring the participation of Russian delegations in various exhibitions and forums abroad, including in very difficult regions.

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